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Functional description of double-liquid dispensing machine p

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As a relatively new industry, there are still many customers who know little about the dispenser. The following is a description of the panel function of the dual-liquid dispenser.
Double-liquid AB glue dispenser
Function description of double liquid dispenser panel:
Vacuum backdraft: The knob is a fine-tuning switch, which controls the compound in the whole panel function. When the glue used is very thin, you can turn the knob properly until the glue in the syringe does not drip or bubbles.
There are three control air pressure numerical panels in the panel function of double liquid dispenser:
Tracheal Connector: For tightening 6 mm diameter pipes
Barometric Display Meter: Displays the current output barometric pressure.
Air pressure regulating knob: used to regulate the output air pressure (knob can only be adjusted after pulling out, it is important to press the knob switch when regulating air pressure to ensure that air pressure is not regulated)
Automatic Filling and Coating Machine
Dip switch is used to adjust the time of dispensing machine in the panel function of double liquid dispensing machine.
Automatic time control switch:
Quantitative dispensing: dispensing machine time to reach a fixed time controlled by dip switch
Continuous dispensing: When the stable gear is reached, the dispensing time is fixed at 0.2 seconds per step (signaling). When the continuous step (signaling), dispensing is always carried out. When the switch is off, the power supply will be automatically cut off.
R-axis glue dispensing machine
Power Indicator Lamp: Used to Indicate whether the power is turned on or not
Functional parameters of various double-liquid dispensing machine panel: power supply: AC220V (50/60HZ), power supply: 9-12w, air source: 0.5-0.7 MPa, dispensing pressure regulation range: 0-0.6 MPa, dispensing time regulation range: 0.01-9.99 seconds, dispensing mode: signal + dispensing time control (quantitative dispensing), signal control (continuous dispensing), dispensing start signal: Off, external input signal (DC 5V-24V), suction function: built-in vacuum generator 0-35 MPa operating temperature range: 5-40 MPa

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