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Types of dispensers and specific product representatives

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Category I: General dispensing machines
1. Controller dispenser:
Including automatic dispensing machine, quantitative dispensing machine, semi-automatic dispensing machine, digital dispensing machine, precision dispensing machine, etc.
2. Desktop dispenser:
The types of dispensing machines can be divided into desktop dispensing machine, desktop three-axis dispensing machine, desktop four-axis dispensing machine or desktop automatic dispensing machine, three-axis production line dispensing machine, multi-head dispensing machine, multi-outlet dispensing machine, circular dispensing machine, horn dispensing machine, mobile phone key dispensing machine, cabinet dispensing machine, etc.
3. Semi-automatic dispensing machine:
Including micro-computer precision dispensing machine, light emitting diode digital dispensing machine, automatic backdraft dispensing machine and code-pulling circulating dispensing machine and other dispensing machine types.
331 coating dispenser
Category 2: Automatic dispensing machine
1. Ground-type double-liquid dispensing machine
2. Spraying automatic dispensing machine (the dispensing machine uses spraying valves and operates online, mainly used for spraying three anti-paint on printed circuit boards, to prevent dust, moisture and insulation, etc.)
3. Conductive adhesive automatic dispensing machine (the difference between this dispensing machine and ordinary dispensing machine is that the dispensing section is triangular distribution, mainly used for electromagnetic shielding dispensing)
4. Fluorescent powder spraying dispenser (this dispenser is mainly used in the light emitting diode industry), which belongs to the specific dispenser type.
Ground-type double-liquid glue filling machine
Category 3: Double Y-axis dispenser
This dispensing machine includes two motion platforms, while the traditional dispensing machine usually only includes one motion platform. Each motion platform can be equipped with multiple dispensing heads to achieve a leap-forward improvement in dispensing efficiency. It is suitable for precise dispensing of LCD and LCD module. At present, dispensing machines are widely used in mobile LCD and PDA.
Dual-position coating dispenser
Category IV: Non-standard category, that is, according to some special requirements of customer product technology, this type of dispenser is customized separately, and the development cost of such equipment is often relatively high.

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