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A Set of Bubble Removal Ways of Rubber Valve Used in High Sp

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This is a commonly used method to remove bubbles in rubber valve of dispensing machine. Once the product is put into rubber valve together with the piston, the rubber valve should stand up and use the tools on the worktable to let any bubbles push the tip of the rubber valve. As long as the bubbles rise to the top of the rubber valve, the piston is pushed to remove the bubbles of the rubber valve slowly, and the gum is flowed out through the tip, so now the rubber valve bubbles can be removed by centrifuge. 。
Anaerobic glue control dispensing valve
The centrifuge should run for 3 minutes at 1000 to 3000 rpm. This will remove all tiny bubbles suspended in epoxy resin and make the high-speed dispenser more fluent in the distribution of rubber. If any bubbles appear near the piston of the valve, make sure that the valve is tilted downward to prevent them from entering the epoxy resin. In the process, these bubbles are separated from the epoxy resin. The epoxy resin filled with degassing can also be used in this machine, but special attention should be paid to ensure that the packing is not separated from the epoxy resin. Generally, the speed should be kept at 1000 rpm for 3 minutes, which will eliminate foam but not drag the filling resin.
This process can be accomplished by a centrifuge, which was developed to remove bubbles in rubber valves and in epoxy resins or adhesives.
Coating anaerobic glue
Vacuum degassing:
The vacuum degassing process in high-speed dispensing machine involves the actual removal of epoxy resin from the surrounding air, which can easily escape the intercepted air. In order to achieve this, epoxy resin should be placed in a container, and the volume of epoxy resin itself should be at least five times its volume. Once the material is vacuum pumped, this is due to the volume of epoxy resin rising and thus solid. The function of removing bubbles in rubber valves is presented. 

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