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There are also different operation modes of glue filling for

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The following are three different methods of glue filling operation.
1. Semi-automatic glue-filling machine: In the production process of the machine, the manual dependence is very large. The glue-filling operation mode mainly depends on manual control. Firstly, before production, the appropriate amount of glue is poured into the rubber drum to ensure that there is no impurities on the machine's operating surface, and all the products required for production are ready to start glue-filling operation.
1. Start the machine and set the appropriate parameters (generally only adjust the set speed of rubber discharge)
2. Personal glue-filling operation mode for continuous production of one product at a time by placing the product to be filled in the glue-discharging device
Large platform automatic glue filling machine
2. Full-automatic glue-filling machine: preparation work is mostly similar to semi-automatic. This automatic glue-filling operation mode prepares products that need glue-filling and cleans up the debris on the production workbench. The feature of full-automatic glue-filling machine is that it can produce glue in batches. This glue-filling operation mode greatly reduces the dependence on manual operation procedures and has high production efficiency.
1. Turn on the machine
2. Place the product on the production bench
Medium-sized LED glue filling equipment
3. Assembly line glue filling machine: the cost of this production mode is relatively high, of course, its production efficiency and glue filling operation mode are also very powerful and practical. Generally, it is not recommended for enterprises with relatively small output. Of course, different product operation methods are also different, which can be roughly divided into semi-finished products and finished products. The first half only needs to place products, while the second half only needs to be filled with glue. When the product is moved to the finished product area, it can also be set, moved and placed automatically in the production process. This kind of glue filling operation mode is very intelligent and efficient.

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