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Matters needing attention in automobile engine surface spray

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The spraying of automotive engine surface is usually accomplished by automatic equipment. At present, the mainstream is to use automatic dispensing machine.
Surface Spraying Adhesive for Automobile Engine
The glue suitable for automobile engine surface spraying is: low viscosity bowl plug, rubber sealant, high temperature resistant silicone gel, sealant anaerobic glue, etc. The glue coating method mainly uses the automatic dispenser equipped with glue to spray around the engine groove with high precision and high standard to achieve the purpose of surface spraying. At this time, we should pay attention to the water in the glue will evaporate and solidify in a short time. Therefore, the sealing work must be completed within 3-5 minutes after spraying on the surface of the automobile engine.
Sealed 221 Anaerobic Adhesive
Automotive engine is the heart of automobile, it directly affects the overall power function, so the spraying of automobile engine surface must follow the standard scientific data. In recent years, with the continuous development of automobile industry demand, the demand for automatic dispensing machine is also increasing. Before the emergence of automatic dispensing machine, we choose to use manual air gun to coat the periphery of automobile engine. Rubber and packaging, but now such dispensing skills can not meet the current packaging requirements.
Fully automatic 331 glue dispensing machine
As a kind of high precision dispensing equipment, automatic dispensing machine has the same dispensing quantity and fast dispensing speed, thus completely solving the difficulties of automobile engine surface spraying.

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