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Physical description of pressure bucket for collagen supply

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What is the function of pressure barrel? The value of pressure barrel can be further clarified by decompressing pressure barrel to provide collagen.
Pressure barrel filled with stainless steel glue
Pressure barrel is divided into dispensing pressure barrel and water purifier pressure barrel in function. The dispensing pressure barrel is mainly used for dispensing glue. It is also called pressure barrel because it is driven by air pressure. It is mainly composed of pneumatic motor, air conditioning, safety valve, exhaust valve, exhaust outlet, inner barrel and four movable wheels. Pressure barrel of water purifier is mainly used in closed water circulation system to serve as water supply. The function of balance of quantity and pressure is to avoid frequent opening of safety valve and frequent filling of automatic filling valve. The collagen supply mechanism of pressure barrel will be explained below. At present, the specifications of pressure barrel mainly include 3.2G, 6G, 11G, 20G, 28G, etc. The material can be divided into plastic pressure barrel, carbon steel pressure barrel and so on.
Small 1L2L Pressure Barrel
Pressure bucket for collagen supply:
If the solenoid valve does not work after electrification, check whether the power supply wiring is not good, reconnect the wire and connect the plug-in, check whether the power supply voltage is within the positive and negative working range, then adjust the normal position range and check whether the coil is detached, re-weld the coil short circuit or replace the coil working pressure difference, and check whether it is not appropriate, adjust the pressure difference or replace the appropriate fluid temperature of the solenoid valve. Degree Replacement of Appropriate Accessories

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