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Visibility comparison between glue filling machine and autom

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At present, the popularity of automatic dispensing machine is much better than that of dispensing machine and type application. Of course, it has something to do with price.
High Viscosity Filling Machine
The emergence of automatic dispensing machine is a manifestation of industrial automation. There is a great demand for dispensing machine in domestic manufacturing industry, but it has not been popularized and applied in recent years. In fact, in the future development trend, we can foresee that the demand of automatic dispensing machine will increase greatly in the next few years. Simplified small dispensing machine is the inevitable result of the popularity, so automatic dispensing machine has a high visibility!
So why hasn't automatic glue filling machine been popularized in recent years?
Manual automatic glue filling equipment
1. Many enterprises do not have their own products, which are mainly processed for customers. Therefore, they dare not easily purchase automation equipment, or even cheaper semi-automatic equipment. It is precisely because of these reasons that the market demand of glue filling machine is not high, and the progress of domestic automation technology is often limited, on the contrary, the moderate price is more needed by consumers, so the full-automatic dispenser is well-known. It's no surprise that the degree is high.
2. Many enterprises are small in scale. Most of the employees are family members or relatives. They just need to produce just enough for fear of additional costs. Therefore, manual glue-filling machine is more popular than automatic glue-dispensing machine, and the popularity of automatic glue-dispensing machine is not as high as that of automatic glue-dispensing machine.
Manual Rubber R-Shaft Dispenser
3. Some enterprises have special products, and it is troublesome to deal with glue. The use of automatic glue filling machine for production is not very good to deal with all kinds of glue filling problems, so the popularity of glue filling machine is insufficient.

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