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Some Problems in UV Adhesive Coating

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1. UV curing light source:
Many problems of UV glue coating and light sources have a large proportion of the relationship. If the UV glue curing in natural sunlight is stronger, the curing speed of UV glue will be faster. However, if there is no strong sunlight, only artificial ultraviolet light source can be used to enhance the curing effect. The power difference of various artificial ultraviolet light sources is also large. Low power can be as small as several watts, high power. The rate can reach tens of thousands of watts. If the power of the light source is insufficient, the problem of UV glue coating may be further deepened. Customers should be equipped according to actual needs when choosing models.
Coating Filled UV Adhesive
2. The color of the cartridge used in UV glue coating should be noticed:
Because UV glue solidifies in a short time when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the color of the rubber tube should prevent direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. Amber-colored UV glue syringe is optional, and many problems of UV glue coating should be considered in these aspects.
3. Pay attention to the characteristics of the object of UV glue:
One of the two objects bonded with ultraviolet glue must be transparent.
Black ultraviolet UV adhesive
4. Attention should be paid to the curing time of ultraviolet radiation:
It is suggested that the initial positioning should take about 6 seconds of illumination, while the bonding can be completed in 20-30 seconds. After illumination, higher intensity can be obtained.
UV glue machine irradiated by ultraviolet light
5. What is the suitable amount of ultraviolet glue?
Adhesion does not mean that the more glue the better. Overcoating is also one of the problems of UV glue coating. Experiments show that the thinner the bonding layer, the higher the strength. Generally speaking, the film thickness should not exceed 0.2 micron, in addition, the viscosity of UV adhesive has no direct relationship with its strength. It is wrong to interpret viscosity as strength, which is a misunderstanding of UV glue coating.

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