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Defoaming effect of glue by heating

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By eliminating foam, we can ensure that the adhesive properties are proved to provide good adhesive materials, and this time we will introduce the heating and defoaming methods in the manufacturing process.
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How does heating remove bubbles from adhesives?
Heating is a simple and effective method to eliminate bubbles formed by epoxy resin. The key of this technology is that in a very wide container, there are a lot of X and Y sizes in epoxy resin to maintain the product, but Z size is seldom used. This gives the maximum surface area of bubbles, and this method can only be used in open containers when epoxy resin is used. To the application of heat removal technology.
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Large containers should be placed in ovens that have been heated for about 10 minutes to 35-40 degrees Celsius. If there are still a large number of epoxy bubbles, the product can be stored in ovens for a longer time. In the life cycle of the product, the pot must track and remember that heat can be used as a catalyst and accelerate curing. Sometimes, it is necessary to brush the surface material gently with a spatula to break the surface tension of any bubbles on the surface that are not easy to obtain, and it can be used in the process of heating and defoaming.

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