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Solutions and measures for coating too much glue on corners

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The reason of glue excessive at the starting point of automatic dispensing machine is mostly because the opening speed is too fast. This problem can be solved by setting the opening delay of glue. It is also a problem to coat too much glue at the corner, because the running speed at the corner is relatively slow, so there is too much glue. The amount of glue is related to air pressure, needle size, running speed, height from the base, etc. And it can be adjusted several times.
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All automatic dispensing machine starting point and corner coating glue too much is usually caused by too thin glue, this can be solved by adjusting the glue dilution, if the glue dilution due to process requirements can not be adjusted, you can also use the following methods to solve the problem of coating too much.
Firstly, the problem of too much glue at the starting point can be solved by adjusting the delayed opening time.
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Second, the amount of corner glue can be solved by adjusting the corner time.
Most automatic dispensing machines can solve the problem of too much coating glue through the above two methods. The above two methods can be set up through the system, but because different dispensing systems and setup methods are different, if other companies recommend purchase, you can contact the machine manufacturer you purchase to consult the setup method.

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