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Maintenance Course of High Speed Dispenser

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Maintenance and maintenance of high-speed dispensing machine has a great impact on normal dispensing use, so when using automatic dispensing machine, we should know the relevant maintenance and maintenance measures of the equipment.
Controlled AB glue dispenser
Regular wiping: Please wipe machine parts regularly to prolong their service life.
2. Regular surveys:
1. Before using glue in large quantities, a small amount of trial testing should be conducted to master the use skills of the products so as to avoid mistakes. When there is no problem in the test, the high-speed dispensing machine is put into mass production.
Desktop double-liquid AB glue dispenser
2. Vacuum extraction system vacuum and defoam the glue to eliminate the bubbles generated in the stirring process, or the glue is stationary for 10-20 minutes before use, eliminating the bubbles generated in the mixing process in time, so that more glue can be mixed together.
3. If the inlet is abnormal or water is found, please remove the water in the pressure regulating filter or check whether the air pressure source is abnormal, and then complete the maintenance of the high-speed dispensing machine to a water-free state.
Pipeline Cleaning Acetone Solution
4. Cleaning pipeline: When replacing glue, it is necessary to clean the pipeline. Close the feed valve and open the discharge valve first. After discharging the remaining glue from the dispensing pressure barrel, close the discharge valve, open the feed valve, pour the cleaning solvent into the rubber barrel, and press the solvent out and flush the starting body according to the normal operation mode, so as to complete the maintenance of the high-speed dispensing machine.
In addition, when the high-speed dispensing machine is out of service for a long time, the power supply should be pulled out, which can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also save power consumption.

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