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Pneumatic working mode of high speed dispensing machine for

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No high speed dispensing substrate general corrosion resistance, and the dispensing process will have glue spilled on a substrate, effective glue is corrosive, long time will be paint dispensing machine on the substrate is corrosion dry, so we must repair the dispenser, long-term maintenance cost is high, so to create a high-speed aluminum profile dispensing machine, using coating technology of titanium alloy, can very good protection for high speed dispensing machine.
Double station aluminum profile high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine development a long time, can use several working modes, and the pneumatic mode is high speed dispensing machine using a maximum, the use of pneumatic mode to reduce energy, because the pneumatic mode is the use of pressure as the main driving force of piston dispensing, just on the high-speed aluminum profile dispensing machine sealing requirements relatively high, can use sealing high injection valve with dispensing
Multi head high speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
Due to the use of pressure dispensing, need aluminum high-speed dispensing machine configuration simple handle programmer and suction valve configuration, two things can help quick glue dispensing machine and suction glue, can be equipped with injection valve to make the aluminum high speed glue dispensing machine, pneumatic mode is pressure to push the piston extrusion force due to glue. In the inertia, stop the pressure increases, but the force will move forward, so it may cause excessive glue, easy to use and handle the programmer suction valve is to help solve this problem of high speed dispensing machine.
Single station aluminum profile high speed dispenser
Aluminum high-speed dispensing machine using pneumatic dispensing is also good, because pneumatic dispensing is not easy to be damaged, especially in the production process, the power system was damaged by the basic working day is not, and other maintenance master over hose in the glue water already solidified, it needs to be replaced the dispensing valve, dispensing needles and hose, the loss of enterprises is relatively large, so the pneumatic mode is still relatively good.

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