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Five-Point Method for Testing the Quality of Spot Glue of Fu

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The automatic dispensing machine is mainly used for bonding, pouring, coating and sealing of semiconductor, electronic components and liquid crystal products. The bonding quality of products is the key object to be inspected by the distributor. Common spot gum quality inspection methods include knocking method, visual inspection method, acoustic resistance method, ultrasonic method, pressure method, etc.
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Automatic dispensing machine spot gum quality detection method;
1. Visual inspection method: inspectors use their eyes to observe whether there are cracks, cracks and glue deficiency in the joint of the bonding parts.
2. Sound resistance method: Because the bonding quality of the specimens is different, the vibration impedance is also different. Therefore, the change of mechanical resistance of the bonded joint can be measured by the acoustic resistance detector. If the measured impedance decreases obviously, there will be defects.
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3. Ultrasound method: The transmission magnitude of ultrasonic wave for flaw detection is 106. If there are defects in the bonded joints, ultrasound can reflect these defects back to check whether there are bubbles, defects or degumming in the bonded layer. This method is suitable for the coating of precision semi-finished products.
4. Knocking method: knock the bonding surface with a small hammer to judge the dispensing quality from the sound. If the sound generated is clear, it means that there are no defects in some parts, and if the impact sound on the other side is very low, there will be defects and bubbles.
331 double liquid controlled dispensing machine
5. Pressure method: For sealing and pressurizing bonded parts, the point gum quality detection method is different. Pressure sealing test can be carried out according to working medium and working pressure. If there is no leakage, it means that there is no defect, and it is qualified product.
The above content is about the point gum measurement method of automatic dispensing machine. It is believed that the users have made clear that the point gum quality has a great impact on the use effect of products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the quality detection methods of adhesives to ensure its value.

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