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The problems of chip packaging and the characteristics of vi

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Glue adjustment has a great influence on the dispensing effect of high-speed dispenser. The large and small amount of glue directly affects the effect, and the viscosity of glue will also affect the product quality. This is one of many common LED chip packaging problems that is easy to be ignored. There are other problems that are relatively easy to occur, such as: high viscosity, slow glue application speed, steel wire easy to stretch, low viscosity. Due to strong fluidity, difficult glue bubbles and glue adjustment, moderate glue viscosity can be understood as appropriate packaging requirements. In addition, the glue used for diode packaging cannot have bubbles. Once there are bubbles, some glue will break, the glue quantity is not enough, and the packaging effect is not good. This is also one of the important problems in LED chip packaging. To prevent bubble problems, it is necessary to replace it every time. When glue or hose is used, the glue should be drained properly to clean the air in the cavity and ensure that no air will enter the glue. This is one of the problems that should be paid attention to in chip packaging.
FPC chip gluing package
Zz-3030 is a visual dispensing machine produced by China National automation equipment Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for light-emitting diode packaging or dispensing in some high-precision industries. It is equipped with a multi metering pump control system. Its delivery speed is more than ten times of the original, with high cost performance. It can also be used with a visual dispensing control system and a computer system to draw points, lines, circles, etc., and can carry different dispensing valves. , such as zz-3030 high viscosity dispensing valve, piezoelectric injection valve, precision dispensing valve, etc., are precision dispensing valves that can meet the requirements of various gluing.
The vision dispensing machine zz-dh3030 is suitable for dispensing modes in various fields. It can realize different gluing functions according to different gluing valves, such as double liquid valve, injection valve, injection valve, multi-end dispensing valve body, etc.
Floor cabinet type visual dispensing machine
Product features of visual dispensing machine;
1. High stability: adopt servo motion control system + PLC control system components.
2. High flexibility: vision camera positioning and picture transmission system, height positioning and automatic cleaning, as well as early identification of dispensing, any type of dispensing valve can be matched with dispensing.
3. High precision: adopt screw control, with error range of plus or minus 0.02%
4. High cost performance: the machine automatically proportions the glue, the machine performance reaches the import level, the price is twice lower than the international price.

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