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Improve the accuracy of medical equipment, choose precision

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At present, glue applicator equipment is mainly used in semiconductor packaging industry and electronic communication industry. In fact, visual glue applicator can also be used for dispensing medical equipment. Modern medical equipment is also a point of social concern. For example, why do some people have to go to a large hospital for treatment when they are ill? Because the medical equipment used in large hospitals is very good, and small clinics do not have such a good level of equipment, the medical equipment in large hospitals basically uses precision dispenser for dispensing, which has the function of improving the precision of medical equipment.
Medical disinfection box gluing
At present, the quality of some medical devices depends on the level of manufacturing methods. Different precision dispensers should be selected for dispensing medical devices, which can show different dispensing effects. In addition, the quality of medical devices is directly related to the accuracy of people's physical examination results. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the safety and quality of medical devices. Precision dispensers can be located at designated positions. And time to complete the operation, and with the production line to achieve online medical supplies paste process, help us easily solve the problem of precision, to a large extent, improve efficiency and save costs.
Medical equipment requiring dispensing
In fact, many products in the medical equipment industry can use machines for dispensing, such as surgical suits, pacemakers, casing surgical tools, dialysis filters, dental equipment, disinfection boxes, medical respiratory masks, etc. the precision dispensing machine designed with floor type structure can directly match the wiring for dispensing. The structure is targeted design, and the space requirements are not very large, plus dispensing technology. Technology has been improved, I believe it will be more and more widely used in medical equipment.
331 coating precision dispensing machine
Does not have high precision, does not meet the dispensing requirements of medical equipment
Why it is necessary to use precision dispensing machine for bonding operation instead of common equipment for bonding? Because medical equipment should strictly follow the manufacturing requirements, it is not a simple gluing equipment that can solve the technical requirements of dispensing. The stability of medical equipment does not have a certain degree of requirements, so it can not be used casually in important matters of human beings. Item.
Standard platform dispenser
The precision dispensing machine produced in China is specially designed for the glue application of medical equipment. It adopts a unique single side feeding and discharging structure, which reduces the trouble of the product in the transportation process. The PLC control system can be directly connected to the computer for programming and auxiliary design. The operation is simple and fast, and it is equipped with piezoelectric high-precision spray valve.

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