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Market positioning of visual high speed dispensing machine

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The visual system in high speed dispensing industry use time is long, the use of a dispensing system is generally used for dispensing of high precision products, the visual system has the detection, localization, inspection and other functions, in the dispensing machine industry is also a popular system, dispensing systems are generally used in the large dispensing machine, because of the large dispensing machine can be dispensing in various industries, dispensing limited.
Large visual high-speed dispensing machine
This machine has been dispensing by the enterprise blitz, in addition to dispensing technology mature, there is a way of dispensing dispensing machine vision high-speed, glue new technology, dispensing machine is generally use contact dispensing mode, the dispensing machine equipped with high speed injection valve, can carry out non-contact dispensing, so you can better the protection of dispensing products.
Floor type visual high speed dispenser
Dispensing beyond performance, there is a contrast, enterprises are based on the cost of using dispensing machine how the visual high-speed dispensing machine is capable of one-time multi product production, it can be better than other dispensing machine in the production quantity, quality and quantity of production can be suppressed from other types of dispensing equipment.
Full automatic visual high speed dispensing machine
Visual high-speed dispensing machine is also a large dispensing equipment, combined with the best domestic dispensing parts for the LED industry, electronics industry, mobile phone industry dispensing, dispensing machine in the market positioning for precision parts for dispensing and packaging, to the high speed dispensing machine is configured with a visual positioning system, because these parts by manual dispensing the operation points out, so we need the best parts and system configuration, visual high-speed dispensing machine has a high position in the market.

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