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Three advantages of four axis dispenser

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Compared with the three-axis dispensing machine, the four-axis dispensing machine has the advantages of drawing points, straight lines, polylines, three-dimensional arcs, circles, ellipses, runways, pitch shapes, spirals, coating, automatic fillets, irregular three-dimensional splines and other graphic elements, fully realizing 360 degree rotation dispensing. Specifically, the advantages of four-axis dispensing machine are shown in the following aspects
331 tabletop type filling dispensing machine
Single machine operation, convenient installation and simple operation. By programming with hand-held programmer, precise positioning and dispensing control of multi axis linkage, space linear interpolation or two axis arc interpolation can be realized. The dispensing machine has the function of preventing glue from accumulating in the sharp bending part, making the gluing area more perfect, which is one of the advantages of the four-axis dispensing machine
It can simply complete matrix copy of various paths, offset modification, correction point setting and program transmission between various machines and other super functions. The compact structure design makes the equipment more durable and keeps the dispensing accuracy.
Table top automatic dispensing machine
The automatic dispensing machine has independent general input and output contacts, which can meet the requirements of perfect gluing, dispensing and spraying. It can store multiple independent operating procedures, which is convenient to call quickly when using again without reprogramming. The programming method is simple, that is, learning and using, using without professional training, learning, operation and maintenance are simple and fast.
The above is the embodiment of the advantages of four-axis dispensing machine.

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