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Application of dispensing machine in making silica gel mobil

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With the advent of 5g era, mobile phones have become more and more indispensable tools in life, such as viewing information, listening to music and watching video. It's proficient in everything. The screen of mobile phone is bigger and bigger. As a result, the first thing many people buy a new mobile phone is to put a layer of toughened film on it and then install a silica gel shell. Today we are going to discuss one of the applications of dispensing machine, that is, the application of dispensing machine in making mobile phone shell.
Glue the back shell of mobile phone
The first step in making the silicone case is to add color to the silicone. Each one needs to be colored. According to the number of colors, the form of silica gel raw materials is relatively thick. The purchased raw material is a large transparent solid, which is put into a rubber mixer, added with vulcanizing agent and other ingredients, and repeatedly refined and formed through horizontal rolling and vertical rolling.
Automatic high speed dispensing machine
Second, the cutter is used to cut the product into as many grams as possible. The dispenser works at the same time. The copper mold is fixed on the dispensing machine. First, the outermost layer is colored. Dispensing machine has its own positioning. If there is any area beyond the fixed point after baking, it will be removed manually immediately. The missing parts are shaded manually.
Finally, the slice is put into the mold and heated in the vulcanizer for extrusion. After being squeezed, the silica gel will fill the mold and exhaust the air. If the air cannot be discharged, the bubbles on the product surface will become defective products. Workers trim the products on the product inspection table, tear off the redundant parts, and use a blade or grinder to level the uneven parts. The quality inspectors check the quality one by one and pick out the defective products.
Automatic filling dispenser
The above is the application of dispensing machine when making silica gel mobile phone shell.

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