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Advantages of automatic dispenser for sealing

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Advantages of automatic dispenser for sealing
1. High production capacity. The use of automatic dispenser will increase the production capacity by at least one time or more than that of manual sealer.
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2. The glue quantity is even, and the glue quantity of manual sealant is different, which is not conducive to material control.
3. It is easy to operate and it is possible to find a new employee to do the work. If it is manual sealing, the pre job training of new employees is also very troublesome, especially at present, the salary of employees is very high, it is not easy for employees to manage, and it is difficult to recruit people, especially in the sealing environment, many people are not willing to do so, which is the advantage of dispensing machine.
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4. Quality assurance: the most troublesome problem of manual sealing is that the sealing process often encounters bending lines. Sealing function is used to ensure output
5. The automatic dispensing machine has the functions of automatic constant temperature preheating and automatic continuous cycle dispensing, which realizes the continuous cycle sealing of preheating and sealing, so as to perfectly combine the automatic feeding system and the rubber sensing system. The operator only needs to put the aluminum plate on and take down the sealed aluminum plate. In addition, the application of the rubber sensing system can grasp the change of the rubber amount of the rubber cylinder at any time, and cooperate with the non rubber alarm function, so that the rubber cylinder does not need to worry about the lack of rubber, and does not need to know the advantages of the dispenser at any time.
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6. Highly intelligent and humanized operation design enables a person to operate two or three machines at the same time, which can easily save labor cost and improve product quality. These are the advantages of automatic dispenser for sealing

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