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Understand the common problems of high-speed dispenser and u

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The high-speed dispenser uses non-contact dispensing technology to precisely control the fluid and spray it to the preset position with high speed and accuracy. However, the performance of the machine produced by the effective manufacturer is not up to the standard, which is prone to some dispensing problems, such as low precision, unstable dispensing or occasionally stuck system. Although many manufacturers in China have many interests in the high-speed dispenser, it often costs a lot. However, the amount of time and energy can not meet the requirements of qualified speed and accuracy, or even the basic level of large foreign factories. Today we will learn the common problems and solutions of high-speed dispenser.
331 desktop high speed dispensing machine
1. The dispensing height and spraying range are different.
The dispensing height of each point is controlled by the sensor device, and the quantity (weight), diameter and spacing of the glue can be precisely controlled by the high-precision injection technology of the glue valve.
2. Arc angle glue
The speed of the machine is fast, slow and at the corner, it is easy to lead to uneven glue quantity, especially the combined gluing. After the straight-line movement, the bending angular speed should be equal to the straight-line speed. When the high-speed straight-line movement slows down at the corner, the glue output is uniform, the speed slows down, and glue stacking will occur.
The traditional solution is to add the speed of empty running track, so as to avoid the inequality of injecting glue in the acceleration and deceleration parts. Taking the square track with the same size of equal sides as an example, the well pattern dispensing method is generally used to solve the problem of accumulation at the arc. This way can only be completed for the machine with self-confident glue control accuracy.
331 station high speed dispensing machine
3. Lack of machine accuracy due to technical problems
If the technical dispensing accuracy cannot be achieved, there is no way to improve the accuracy by readjusting the control system. Due to the limitations of the machine performance, there is no way to adjust the insufficient accuracy. This kind of machine is the most lack of competition in the market.
4. Dispensing speed does not meet the standard
Due to the mechanism design and control system design, the processing speed can not meet the requirements of the index, so that the product design can not meet the market requirements or lower than the customer requirements.
Automatic high speed double liquid dispensing machine

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