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Practical case of LED lamp packaging

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The LED light tube of LCD is sealed with silica gel material, the actual effect is the same as the test effect, but it has a great connection with the full-automatic dispensing machine. For example, if the semi-automatic dispensing machine is used in the production line of LED light tube of LCD, the sealing speed of silica gel material and the product packaging efficiency are very slow, and the actual effect is far from lower than the full-automatic dispensing Machine, if the enhanced LED lamp package also uses the silica gel package technology of the full-automatic dispensing machine, it can automatically apply the silica gel material to the position where the dispensing is required. The spare parts used by this machine and equipment are assembled according to the requirements of the LED lamp package of the liquid crystal display, which can mainly complete the silica gel material package and bonding.
Led bead filling
Most of the silica gel can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Generally speaking, organic silica gel is used for LED lamp packaging by the automatic dispenser, which has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, electrical insulation performance and physiological plasticity. It is suitable for LED lamp packaging production and manufacturing. Because the long-term use of LED lamp will often cause high temperature problems, in order to avoid LED lamp The high heat causes the glue to melt, so it's more suitable to use silica gel in the production of LED light tube dispensing. In addition, the automatic dispensing machine has the technology of using silica gel to apply glue, which can complete the task well.
Double position 4331 dispensing machine
In fact, the full-automatic dispensing machine is not only suitable for dispensing and packaging, but also several times faster than manual packaging. According to the requirements of the current LED lamp dispensing processing line, the automatic production line is still used for production and manufacturing. The full-automatic dispensing machine can complete the LED light silica gel packaging work under various conditions, on the premise that the silica gel is properly handled before the root According to the requirements of LED lamp, the main parameters such as glue output and glue dispensing pressure shall be set to avoid all kinds of unnecessary glue coating problems and ensure the product quality of LED lamp package, which can be applied to the full-automatic glue dispensing machine whether in the single glue dispensing processing line or in the automatic production line.
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