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Methods of reducing dispensing cost

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High speed dispensing machine is usually used in enterprises or factories that produce large-scale equipment. Because of its simple operation, fast dispensing speed and high dispensing accuracy, it can be seen from these three points that dispensing equipment can reduce dispensing cost and accelerate product forming speed, which has a broad prospect in the dispensing machine market.
331 automatic dispensing machine
In many consumer technologies, for the production process of specific products, it is often necessary to stop working steps for dispensing and packaging. After many years of research and development of fluid equipment by China National Chemical Corporation, it has finally solved the problem that small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to cope with flow control. The dispensing technology of high-speed dispensing machine can solve the problem of fluid control for users in need. The dispensing machine is equipped with a fluid controller, The controller is suitable for adjusting the parameters of various products and supporting the flow of special glue dispensing channel. The high-speed dispensing machine can replace the manual specific dispensing operation, which helps to realize mechanized production, reduce dispensing cost, improve the production quality and speed of small and medium-sized enterprises, and increase customer satisfaction with the enterprise brand
331 tabletop dispensing machine
The high-speed dispensing machine is simple in operation, fast in speed and high in accuracy. The program files can be uploaded / downloaded through the U disk, which is convenient for material management and storage. It is equipped with a handle operating system with Chinese and English operation interface, which is convenient for staff operation and control. The machine body has the characteristics of high-strength application, which is used to make XYZ vertical height high. The equipment body adopts numerical control integration, which effectively ensures the verticality of XYZ axis The high-speed dispenser is equivalent to the efficiency of four or five workers working at the same time, which improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of the enterprise
High speed filling dispensing machine
The high-speed dispensing machine has complete structure, and does not need to cooperate with the internal computer. The machine can independently complete all dispensing operations. It is not only convenient for equipment, but also simple for operation and setting. This is a very simple and practical dispensing device. The high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with a humanized teaching box, which is convenient for smooth operation and effectively reduces dispensing cost.

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