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Improve the control mode of glue output and its effect on di

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Vision positioning precision dispensing machine is widely used in high-precision dispensing industry, such as electronic communication industry, automobile manufacturing, mobile phone buttons, speakers, etc. the characteristics of vision positioning precision dispensing machine are small dispensing range, uniform dispensing amount, high dispensing precision. Which kind of dispensing amount control mode is used for this electrode method equipment?
Automatic dispensing control platform
The glue output is directly related to the air pressure value, glue viscosity and the characteristics of glue valve. To control the glue output of the visual positioning precision dispenser, we need to start from these places. Today's small braid made in China will explain to you how to control the glue output,
Factors affecting the glue output
The difference of glue output of visual positioning precision dispenser depends on the following factors: glue viscosity, pressure, glue supply time and glue breaking effect. Among these four factors, there is another one, because the glue viscosity will change with different combination materials. For example, the viscosity value of ordinary silica gel is between 1000 and 100000 units, and the viscosity difference is the difference of viscosity value due to different combination materials 。
331 stroke high speed dispensing machine
First, under the condition of fixed viscosity, the higher the pressure is, the higher the rubber yield is;
Second, viscosity and pressure are fixed. The longer the glue supply time is, the larger the glue output is.
Third, the better the breaking property, the less the delay and dropping phenomenon.
Fourth, in order to achieve a higher accuracy of the gluing effect, the dispensing equipment must have a high-precision air pressure regulating device, timing device and good breaking effect.
Double station filling compound dispenser
If a high precision of plus or minus 0.002 ml or higher is required, it is still a little difficult to use air pressure control. In fact, there is a way of air pressure control in dispensing, which is worse than electrical control. At present, the way of glue output control or piezoelectric machinery is relatively stable.

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