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Chinese made report: practical scheme of line and glue appli

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UV curable adhesive is used in many industries, especially in electronics, mobile phones, earphones, power lines, FPC connector packaging, etc. many manufacturers will choose UV curable adhesive as the main production glue, but it is difficult to choose a more powerful dispensing equipment manufacturer. You can choose our excellent automatic dispensing machine and dispensing valve to match UV curable adhesive for mobile phone line arrangement Gelatinize, kill three birds with one stone, solve the problem of gelatinize directly.
Filling and applying glue for mobile phone cable arrangement
UV glue for mobile phone cable arrangement
Mobile phone cable arrangement, also known as flexible circuit board, is a common data transmission medium. It is the most commonly used data transmission mode nowadays. In the production process of mobile phone arrangement, automatic dispenser is required for bonding. The vast majority of mobile phone cable arrangement is bonded by UV curing adhesive. The effect of mobile phone cable arrangement determines the quality of mobile phone, and the machine used determines the glue coating The effect, must choose the appropriate machine, glue is the same, the application of UV curing glue can improve the bonding quality of mobile phone cable.
Black UV glue
FPC connector packaging requirements
If a custom-made full-automatic dispenser is used for FPC packaging, in fact, the customized equipment is not much expensive, and especially meets the requirements of appropriate production. The FPC packaging effect determines the quality of the product and cannot be handled simply. Although it is the shell of the flexible plate, it plays a very important role and needs to resist external factors. FPC packaging must be tight and cannot affect the internal parts 。
Special dispensing machine for packing and filling
Automatic dispensing machine for electronic wire array dispensing
In order to strengthen the bonding strength between electronic cables, glue should be applied on both sides at the same time. After glue is applied on one side, glue should be applied to the other end by using the rotation function. Both sides of electronic cables are very close. There are some special technical requirements for glue dispensing. Of course, in the process of glue dispensing, it is necessary to accurately control the glue quantity to prevent too much glue from affecting the bonding effect of electronic cables The use of automatic dispensing machine with micrometer dispensing valve is conducive to improve dispensing accuracy and speed up the application of glue. Otherwise, glue will adhere to the interface of electronic strip line. In order to prevent this problem, it is necessary to select dispensing equipment with fast dispensing function. The customized full-automatic dispensing machine is suitable for electronic and mobile line gluing.

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