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Identification of wire quality used in dispensing equipment

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As an important connecting part of the automatic dispensing machine, the quality of electric wire directly affects the quality of machine and equipment and the safety of consumers' life and property. However, there are many kinds and brands of electric wire in the market, so we should choose the right electric wire according to our own power load, choose the right electric wire, and have a certain ability of wire quality identification.
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All the machines produced in China are made of high-quality wires. Only in this way can the quality of the equipment be guaranteed. The prices of the wires on the field are different. Some manufacturers choose the wires with low prices in order to save costs. Although problems usually occur, the wires with long service time or heavy load are easy to cause short circuit or fire. This is for the customers and manufacturers. Although the technical content of wire rod production is basically the same and the raw materials are not different, the price is too low, either the work is cut or the quantity is not enough.
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What are the methods of wire quality identification?
1. Check the tidiness, quality and color of wire packaging.
2. Open the package and check the diameter of copper core inside the wire. The international wire of 1.5-6 square meters requires a thickness of 0.7 mm. If the thickness of the outer skin is too thick, the diameter of the inner core is absolutely insufficient. If the silica gel layer is not easy to tear, it is usually international.
3. The international wire has the function of flame retardant, and the flame can be extinguished within 5 seconds.
4. The higher the surface smoothness of the copper core, the better the copper quality, uniform brightness, luster and no sense of grade. The national standard requires that the inner core must be made of oxygen free copper, and non-standard copper such as black copper bar may cause accidents.
5. The core is thick and thin. The state has certain requirements, but it is not very strict. Although it is not a serious mistake, it is certainly the best to comply with the requirements.
6. The country does not have a meter length requirement for the wire length. However, the manufacturer will make a meter of wire according to its own requirements, but it will decide how many meters a roll has according to the wire thickness.
7. According to the national regulations, wires must be marked with certain marks. It is hoped that each cable is the same length, and the comparison is recorded. Generally, wires will be marked with production date and manufacturer's name.
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The above is the wire quality identification method. According to these methods, you can check the wire quality of the machine you purchased and whether you need to replace the wire. In this way, you don't need to worry about the circuit problems for daily use.

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