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Development history of dispensing equipment from manual disp

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In the electronic industry, dispensing machine equipment is playing a more and more important role. Whether it is chip dispensing or circuit board gluing, automatic dispensing machine equipment can bring many conveniences to users and operators, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Now the society advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, so the automatic equipment is much less than the traditional dispensing machine in terms of operation and cost. The traditional manual point The rubber way not only has high installation cost, time-consuming and laborious use, but also greatly reduces the production efficiency of the enterprise, which is the advantage brought by the development of dispensing equipment
Manual dispensing valve
As for the product itself, the dispenser equipment has the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the industry's automation requirements, which is a more cost-effective choice for the industry. Because the use of ordinary traditional dispenser requires the cooperation of pipes, solenoid valves and air compressors, while the automatic dispenser equipment is driven by motors, which is simple and convenient to install. The automatic dispenser equipment can be installed in the original factory The automatic control circuit can save other costs. In addition, the switch of the automatic equipment is driven by the motor smoothly, without the disadvantage of too much instantaneous impulse, which can greatly reduce the failure rate and improve the use efficiency of the machine.
Semi automatic dispensing equipment
Many people may think that the equipment of automatic dispensing machine is both expensive and expensive to use. In fact, this is not the case. If the traditional dispensing machine is used as a whole, and many accessories and pipes are installed, the price is not dominant, but it must bear more maintenance costs. In the long run, the automatic dispensing equipment has advantages, more in line with the current According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the development of dispensing equipment will continue, and this rack can control a more advanced platform.
Fully automatic 331 dispensing machine

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