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Correct use of dispensing valve effectively improves dispens

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1. What kind of glue is used in dispensing valve
In addition, it is necessary to determine the type of dispensing valve and select the appropriate dispensing valve according to the dispensing effect. For example, the ejector pin type dispensing valve uses the tip of the needle to block the dispensing hole to play the role of dispensing and closing the glue. When it is closed, a mass of glue water will be added. The ejector pin can release the glue in advance. When the glue is closed, it also has the function of suction back, which is easy to cause the following problems The next glue, and a lump of glue. Different types of glue valve will have different use methods of dispensing valve.
Micrometer control spray valve
2. Effect of air pressure and time on glue point
Pay attention to the influence of different air pressure, time setting and needle size on the glue output.
The decrease of input pressure and the increase of dispensing time will directly affect the size and accuracy of dispensing volume.
Increasing pressure or shortening the time cycle will speed up distribution and increase production.
The liquid with high glue viscosity needs more pressure, longer time and larger dispensing needle.
Double liquid automatic dispensing valve
3. Continuous dispensing
The best distribution angle is 45 ° to 80 °, and the dispensing syringe shall be placed vertically to avoid overflow. In addition, it is necessary to make the needle contact with the working face at an angle, press the switch with the foot, and keep the syringe in a fixed position until the action is completed.
There are a variety of dispensing valves to choose from, according to different customer requirements.
Spray dispensing valve series uses rotary feed screw to dispense glue through positive displacement instead of movement, which can realize ultra precision control of dispensing process. Unique design can ensure that dispensing materials continuously appear at the screw inlet, controlled rotation of screw pushes materials from the inlet to the outlet, and independent forward and reverse rotation control of screw can realize precise control of dispensing amount.

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