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Dispensing scheme of PCB made by Chinese manufacturers

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The use of automatic dispensing machine in PCB dispensing has been widely used in China. Every electronic equipment basically has the core control device of PCB function. In the production process of PCB, it is necessary to bond various parts on the PCB, and it is necessary to have the high accuracy of automatic dispensing machine to ensure the bonding efficiency and quality.
Dispensing of printed circuit board
Bonding of printed circuit board flat cable
The dispensing of printed circuit board parts needs to be applied to the high-precision automatic dispensing machine. The automatic dispensing machine can also improve the efficiency and quality of the machines supporting the bonding of dispensing parts of various products. The printed circuit board also has a micro ribbon cable. The full-automatic dispensing machine is used for dispensing, which can meet the requirements of the glue quantity and accuracy, and the circuit arrangement is disordered and broken.
Dispensing accuracy of flexible circuit board
Printed circuit board is also called PCB circuit board. Automatic dispensing machine can be used for bonding technology to complete circuit bonding. Two different products can use the same dispensing equipment to still meet the dispensing effect. For example, FPC flexible circuit board is similar to printed circuit board, with the same dispensing precision and different glue types. As long as the dispensing valve is replaced, the glue can be used in the Glue the PCB.
331 automatic dispensing machine
Driving device of dispensing machine for printed circuit board
Driven by high-performance servo motor, the automatic dispensing machine has very high precision of repeated operation. In the high demand production link of PCB, it ensures the output and consistency, avoids the adverse problems caused by manual dispensing, improves the production quality and efficiency of products, and reduces the input of labor cost and resource cost to a certain extent. The innovation of dispensing technology is as follows: Improve production process and reduce cost.
Precautions for printed circuit board
There are some noteworthy points in the flexible plate production, mainly the automatic dispensing machine controls the glue consumption. If the glue consumption is too large, it is easy to affect the normal use of the dispensing valve. If the glue consumption is too small, it is easy to affect the fixing ability and bonding strength of the flexible plate, thus having a certain impact on the anti falling ability of the flexible plate
Desktop automatic dispensing machine

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