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Analysis of the reasons for the inconsistency of glue output

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Dispensing machine is a kind of dispensing machine equipment with high dispensing accuracy, which is generally used in electronic device communication industry, automobile industry and other fields with high demand. The dispensing travel area is small, and the dispensing volume is small, so it is necessary to adjust the precision processing. This paper analyzes the reasons for the inconsistent dispensing volume of high-speed dispensing machine.
Tabletop type 331 dispensing machine
Compared with the general dispensing machine, the conveying operation method of the guide rail and the mechanical arm of the equipment has quite large coordination ability. According to the air pressure to press out the rubber, there is a valve to adjust the rubber, dispensing efficiency is high. In the operation of dispensing machine, the most common situation is that the amount of glue is inconsistent. The size of glue discharge depends on the key points such as glue viscosity, pressure, glue time, short break ability and needle size.
The viscosity of the glue changes according to the difference of the glue material, and the viscosity value of the applicable glue material is between 1000 and 100000 units. Under the standard of viscosity stability, the higher the pressure is, the higher the ejecting rate of the rubber material is; the viscosity and pressure are stable, the longer the feeding time of the high-speed dispenser is, the larger the ejecting amount is; the higher the short-term breaking capacity is, the lower the discharging delay, drawing and dripping.
Platform type automatic dispensing machine
Correctly understand the influence of glue viscosity and air supply pressure. Generally speaking, the higher the viscosity, the lower the fluidity. Only by constructing a positive proportion between the CPS value representing viscosity and the gas supply pressure value, can the relative flow rate of rubber discharge be guaranteed, so as to realize a deep understanding of the flow rate of rubber discharge.
Secondly, when adjusting the high-speed dispenser, pay attention to the situation that the glue output is inconsistent. When the pressure value rises to a relative level, the glue water will produce a relative impact on the workpiece. When the impact force reaches a large level, it will be possible to reverse the impact and produce splash. Therefore, the appropriate area of the pressure value is to ensure that the glue will not splash out, and that the fastest glue out can be achieved under the production standards such as worker technology, so as to improve the execution. .
Automatic platform dispensing machine

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