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Teach you how to set the dispensing steps of high-speed disp

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The dispensing procedure step is the key operation process of the application of high-speed dispensing machine. According to the dispensing equipment we currently use, the dispensing step setting is mainly required. Each product will not have different dispensing paths, and this kind of dispensing path must be prepared before dispensing work can be carried out. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to edit the program to set the dispensing step, so that the high-speed dispensing machine can be well applied 。
331 dispensing control platform
Whether it is a non-standard high-speed dispensing machine or a standard dispensing machine, it should also be applied to the dispensing procedure steps. Let me tell you about our long-term application of constant control dispensing system, which is usually applied to high-speed dispensing machine and non-standard machine. How to use it later? Actually, it's very easy. Let me introduce you in detail.
Dispensing path programming
The dispensing procedure step is a very simple way. First, open the dispensing handle controller, find the product menu, and select the dispensing specification. There will be seven specifications, which are the dispensing efficiency of the line segment, the dispensing time specification of the line segment, the wire drawing specification length of the line segment, the single point glue specification, the dispensing time in advance, the height of the glue gun in advance, etc. The seven sections can be set with the main non-standard machine and the suction type dropping valve and other dispensing steps, and then the dispensing specifications can be designed according to these specifications.
Double station filling and dispensing machine
Operation method
After that, set the dispensing step, find the first point, adjust the z-axis of the high-speed dispenser to the line, and then walk along the dispensing path. The second point is to change the dispensing online, and select the second point. Then apply this method later, you can design the dispensing path, which is also a very simple way. However, there are many ways on the handle, each with its own It's line, circle and arc. It's OK to design according to the product dispensing path, which is the way of dispensing procedure step design.
Desktop double liquid automatic dispensing machine
The nonstandard and high-speed dispensing machine is applied to the constant control system to design dispensing steps in this way. Only the setting of dispensing steps programmed by PLC is different. The simple program can make the staff quickly apply it. The application of the suction type dropping valve is the same, because it is a mass product, it can also be applied with it.

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