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The application effect of the equipment is reflected by the

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Many industries are using visual automatic dispensing machine, such as: electronic chip packaging, LED lighting dispensing, toy manufacturing, medical equipment assembly, etc. because of the obvious visual dispensing characteristics and comprehensive functions, it can complete dispensing or packaging in other industries, which belongs to a visual automatic dispensing machine with strong multi-functional.
Cabinet type automatic visual dispensing machine
The power of visual automatic dispensing machine lies in its establishment form, matching and visual dispensing control technology. Many dispensing machines use high-tech accessories as assistant dispensing, which can help to calibrate the dispensing machine to improve dispensing accuracy, accuracy and adjust glue. This is very beneficial for large-scale dispensing machines. Different accessories can be installed. The dispensing form is more common than usual The glue machine has many functions.
The most obvious feature of the visual dispensing is the visual dispensing control technology, which is the obvious feature of the visual automatic dispensing machine. In the dispensing stage of the LED lamp, the user can master the manufacturing status of the LED lamp.
Automatic matching device of visual dispensing
Among them, the most key is computer system, visual dispensing control technology and sensory control system. These systems are the most critical. Because the visual automatic dispensing machine takes these three systems as the key and other accessories as the assistance, closely contact with Acme to establish a dispensing machine. Before the application of this vision automatic dispenser, the dispenser calibration can be completed according to the system, so as to prevent the problems such as glue blocking and leakage from interfering with the dispensing quality of LED lights in the dispensing stage.
Automatic dispensing control equipment
The above-mentioned sensing, computer and visual dispensing control technology can make the accuracy of the visual automatic dispenser achieve a deviation of ± 0.005mm, and the deviation of repeated dispensing is ± 0.02mm, and other visual dispensing features are applicable to the accuracy requirements of LED lamp dispensing, with such high accuracy, but the speed can still be kept between 350mm / sec and 550mm / sec, according to the visual dispensing The control technology can also calibrate the dispenser and ensure the dispensing manufacturing quality of LED lights. Such a fast speed means that the visual automatic dispenser has three sets of motor power devices to assist the operation of the floor type automatic dispenser.

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