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Current situation of solder paste spot by high speed dispens

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In the final analysis, solder paste belongs to the category of fluid. In the conventional mode, it is paste mode, but in the application field, solder paste dispensing machine can not treat the glue as the fluid. Taking the solder paste of fine digital lens as an example, since the effect of bubble dispensing frequently occurs at this stage is not up to the standard, it is necessary to immediately change the parameters according to the specific situation, so as to make the dispensing of fine digital lens uniform and perfect, and the interference problems such as bubble removal appear.
Dot solder paste
It is difficult for ordinary dispensing valve to carry out rapid and fine solder paste dispensing. The other is poor solder paste fluidity. The other is that the effect of dispensing valve is not compatible with the rapid spraying of medium and high viscosity solder paste. At the same time, the amount of solder paste is difficult to achieve precision. The highest frequency of spraying solder paste can reach 50Hz, the smallest solder paste point can be fine to 3nl, the smallest diameter of solder paste point is 0.4mm, and the smallest wire diameter is 0.5mm. The data of this kind of spray point solder paste is also hard to reach by ordinary dispensing valve and ordinary dispensing machine.
Spot coating precision spray valve
Fine non-contact jet valve can deal with the problems of high viscosity fluid wire drawing and low precision. It is made of core configuration, which is applicable to the application field standard of solder paste that must be applied in many processing lines. It has great effect on improving dispensing process.
Application area: the high-speed dispensing machine including spray valve is not only limited to solder paste, but also can spot liquid glue products as the same as the conventional dispensing machine. It can be used for quick glue delivery of epoxy resin glue and other fluids for bottom filling and bonding of various products.
Jet control fluid dispenser
High speed dispensing machine chooses spray valve as the application tool of solder paste, which will add high efficiency and precision application tools to the processing line. For the processing line with higher and higher demand of solder paste coating, cost control and quality improvement can be equally well done.

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