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How to deal with the problem of dispensing and drawing in hi

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It is a common problem for high speed dispenser to produce dispensing drawing, especially for glue with high viscosity. Because of the process requirements, some products must use high viscosity glue. Because of the high viscosity of glue, drawing problems often occur, which affect the dispensing quality and product appearance. How to deal with the drawing problems reasonably has become a concern of users.
Desktop high speed dispensing machine
How to deal with the problem of dispensing and drawing? Once your existing high-speed dispenser has wire drawing problems, and the requirements for product quality and appearance are high, you can determine the problem from the dispensing valve.
The dispensing valve usually used can adapt to various types of glue, but it is inevitable to have the problem of glue drawing. In general, the dispensing valve has z-axis movement, which is also one of the reasons that affect the dispensing drawing. If you want to make the dispensing process more refined, you can decide to replace the dispensing valve, use the spray valve without z-axis movement, do not touch the product surface for dispensing, spray dispensing can prevent the occurrence of drawing problems.
Tabletop dispensing machine
How to deal with the problem of dispensing and drawing? In fact, the non-contact spray valve dispensing is based on the pneumatic design principle, with high reliability, suitable for precise dispensing and dispensing speed beyond the dispensing valve. The spray valve has high-precision control technology, the minimum dispensing dose can reach 2nl, the maximum frequency can reach 280hz, the maximum viscosity is 100000 MPAs, and the high-speed and high-precision dispensing valve without drawing.
The processing of dispensing drawing is only the advantages of the spray valve, high accuracy, fast, non-contact dispensing should be the original advantages of the spray valve, and so on are basically the functions that the traditional dispensing valve cannot achieve.
Automatic control injection valve
After the installation of the jet valve, the glue viscosity is not determined, and the glue sprayed out of the spray point is uniform and concentrated. It can prevent the problem of dispensing in many ways. It is a non-contact dispensing valve that can be applied to many high-speed dispensing machines.

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