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What are the commonly used dispensing glue in dispensing mac

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There are many kinds of glue commonly used for dispensing, which can be said to be the same as the products. Each glue has different characteristics. There are many glue commonly used for dispensing, and the full-automatic dispensing machine can't be used up. Just comment on some of the more common glue, which can reach some of the gluing industry, and casually mention the use mode of pressure barrel.
Adhesive hot melt block
I. common glue types
There are silver glue, red glue, hot melt glue, silica gel, AB glue, quick drying glue, solder paste, epoxy gum, bottom filling glue, black glue, anaerobic glue, high temperature resistant glue, milky white glue, etc. These are commonly used dispensing glue. It can be used when using the full-automatic dispensing machine to start dispensing. Only part of the accessories need to be modified to meet the processing needs. There are several kinds of glues The standard of dispensing valve is relatively high. Similar to silica gel, hot melt glue, red glue and anaerobic glue, special dispensing valve is required to reasonably complete the dispensing standard.
Two component mixed AB glue
II. Problems to be paid attention to when using pressure barrel
Does this type of glue need to be used in dispensing pressure bucket? Certainly, automatic processing is not required to modify or dispensing at intervals. Using pneumatic pressure bucket can meet the continuous dispensing standard of full-automatic dispensing machine, but the use of pressure bucket should be in line with the characteristics of commonly used dispensing glue, otherwise it is very easy to have insufficient glue supply, As a result, the amount of glue is not enough, and the daily average production of glue is very large.
Dispensing control pressure barrel
III. use mode of dispensing barrel
How to use the pneumatic pressure barrel of the full-automatic dispenser? In fact, it's very simple. It mainly knows the nature of the glue, and then checks the concentration problem. It's very easy to coagulate. It's necessary to start mixing continuously to prevent the glue from coagulating. The glue with higher concentration is the same. There's also a common dispensing glue with lower concentration and easy to accumulate, which also needs to add a mixer, Then add the glue to the pneumatic pressure barrel, seal the air pressure pipe, pressure relief valve, explosion-proof valve, etc. to prevent air leakage, and then connect a rubber outlet pipe to the dispenser, so that it has basically been connected. It is mainly to use the automatic dispensing machine to draw glue after the pressure barrel is full of air pressure, so as not to cause intermittent delivery of commonly used dispensing glue

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