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How to adjust the glue control ratio better when using ab di

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The proportion of glue controlled by ab dispensing machine affects the overall application effect and quality, because AB material barrel is separated, and glue is sucked into the mixing pipe according to the pump, so there is no need to worry about the dry consolidation of glue in the barrel. Use the ordinary single liquid machine to order two-component glue, which is usually used for products with small quantity. It needs to be manually mixed in advance and then poured into the needle barrel. It needs to be noted that the quantity can not be too much at one time, or the glue will dry and firm before it is ordered.
Full automatic AB dispensing machine
General types of AB dispensers
1. The metering type AB glue dispenser is specifically applied to the high proportion of AB glue dispensing above 3:1, with high precision and accurate proportion control.
2. The controller is equipped with precision dispensing valve type AB glue dispenser, which is specifically applied to the proportion of AB glue within 3:1. The proportion is adjusted according to the air pressure, with corresponding deviation. It can be used with mechanical arm as required.
Double station double liquid dispensing machine
Attention required
1. Mixing proportion of various glues. Any dispenser has a range of mixing and glue control ratio, generally 100:100-100:10; if the glue used is not in this range, it should be carefully considered.
2. Whether the glue is filled, such as alumina, silica, quartz sand, ceramics, etc. If there are fillers, you need to think carefully when choosing AB dispenser. There are two ways to adjust the glue output, one is according to the gear pump, the other is according to the screw pump! When the gear pump encounters the glue with packing, it is easy to be damaged for a long time, resulting in inaccurate glue output, inaccurate mixing proportion and non drying of the product at the point of occurrence for a period of time. Screw pump relatively speaking, more wear-resistant many, this type can consider the data of these two pumps!
3. For the key products, what is the minimum dispensing amount and the required glue control ratio at a time? For example, if your key product is 1g and the glue ratio is 10:1, the glue output equivalent to B glue should be 0.1g, and the minimum glue output of the equipment should be 0.1g. When you buy the equipment, you should compare it with the exception to see if you can reach the standard!
4. The standard of dispensing process is to vacuumize and extract the bubbles inside the glue.
5. If the manufacturing output is large, we can think about the dispenser with three-axis mechanical arm or multi parallel head. If the production is small, we can use single head or even without three-axis mechanical arm.
Epoxy double liquid AB glue
Maintenance method
After the first filling of glue, wash it immediately and clean at the same time. Otherwise, when the glue is dry and solid, the valve will be blocked, and then when dispensing, the problem that the glue can't be spotted will occur due to the difficulty in controlling the glue proportion. If it is not washed clean, then when another glue is used to pour glue, there will be many kinds of glue mixing, which will poison the glue that has already been poured or the glue that has been poured, so that the glue of the product that has been poured out will not dry and the quality will occur!

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