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High speed dispensing machine or semi-automatic dispensing m

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In fact, there are many methods of glass glue dispensing, including automatic dispensing method and semi-automatic dispensing method. Both of them can be used, but there are very big differences between convenience and price. The price of high-speed dispensing machine is usually more than 10000 (according to the pricing position of parts), and the price of semi-automatic dispensing machine is 158-310 yuan, and the price can be selected.
Cartridge glass glue
The high-speed dispenser is very convenient. It can use bulk glass glue or 330ml form. The production and manufacturing need to arrange a suitable equipment, which can be used immediately after being sent to your company. The equipment production and manufacturing is usually about four or five times of the manpower, which is the function of the high-speed dispenser. Users can choose the corresponding automatic high-speed dispenser according to the existing requirements! Believe us, your company can choose the equipment according to the current needs!
Semi automatic glass dispensing machine
The price of semi-automatic dispenser is very low. Compared with semi-automatic dispenser, it is more convenient for production and manufacturing than semi-automatic dispenser for glass glue dispensing. For manual dispensing, it is necessary to take the product by hand to complete dispensing. The production and manufacturing efficiency will be slower. Features: dispensing is convenient, uniform, simple to control the amount of glue, dispensing function will be faster than pure manual control, and the price is very low !
Automatic standard dispensing machine
There are many ways of dispensing glass glue. Both high-speed dispensing machine and semi-automatic dispensing machine can be used. At present, we also have new dispensing methods for production and manufacturing, which can give us a try! The production relationship is very original and faster! Production and manufacturing simple, crisp, uniform glue, very practical Oh!

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