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Looking at the development trend of dispenser industry, we c

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Although the Pearl River Delta has always been the key development trend region of dispensing machine and other mechanical equipment manufacturing industries, with the continuous increase of the total output value of domestic mechanical equipment manufacturing industry and the continuous improvement of technical strength, the development of dispensing machine industry also has a great growth trend.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine
Industry situation:
The Pearl River Delta region has always been a key CNC machining center in the processing and manufacturing industry, as well as in the full-automatic glue filling machine and dispensing machine industries. There are thousands of LED packaging machine equipment automatic glue dispensing machine, dispensing machine manufacturing, production, import and export companies with various output values. The same characteristic of many dispensing machine industries is that the products are homogeneous and belong to the middle and low-end production and trade companies, which are extremely competitive. Because of the demand for short-term equity and market driven, the company is not willing to invest too much money in product research and development; some companies, even specialized in low-end products, completely establish plagiarism and imitation. On the whole, the development of dispensing machine industry at present is not enough independent innovation, and the investment intention of independent innovation funds is not obvious; from the perspective of construction planning, blind follow-up is strong, and self-awareness is lack; from the perspective of business scale, limited by funds, individual production and processing are common.
Double station filling and dispensing machine
Development of related industries
As one of the basic application fields such as automatic dispensing machine and dispensing machine, the domestic LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but it is mainly concentrated on the middle and low-end product manufacturing in the upper and middle reaches or the end of the overall industrial development, mainly aiming at the establishment of production and matching facilities in the final stage. The development and competition of dispensing machine industry are very fierce. Even as a chip manufacturer, domestic companies with large scale have long been in product performance and price, but compared with some developed countries in LED industry abroad, the development of domestic dispensing machine industry is still a little lacking.
Large platform dispensing machine
Some manufacturers look at the development trend of the industry is not enough, many people understand that homogenization will only result in short-term profits. Accelerating the pace of technological innovation is the way for a company to establish a long-term development trend. Technological innovation is the precondition for the industry to obtain long-term development trend. In Jing

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