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Select the size of dispensing machine as the appropriate typ

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More and more production workshops need to use automatic dispenser manufacturers will have such a problem. When looking for dispenser manufacturers, how to accurately understand the dispenser specifications they need?
R-axis rotating axis dispensing machine
General knowledge of automatic dispensing machine specification selection:
1. If the liquid has additives or needs to assist in vacuum defoaming, the barrel shall be equipped with an electric mixer.
2. When the liquid is used due to the interference of temperature change, the barrel or pipeline shall be equipped with a temperature control system.
3. If the liquid has quartz powder or other abrasive powder additives, it is recommended to use piston type volumetric metering products.
4. If there is additive in the liquid and there is obvious deposition, the gear metering type cannot be used.
UV light dispenser
5. The way of two-phase mixing needs to be determined according to the difference between the proportion and viscosity, so as to adopt static or dynamic mixing.
6. When the viscosity difference between a and B is too large or the ratio is above 5:1, a dynamic mixer is needed.
7. To assist in the use of automation equipment, it is necessary to adjust the specification of dispensing machine. Please install high and low level detector.
8. If the liquid will coagulate, in addition to the rubber storage barrel, the feeding pipe shall also be equipped with temperature control.
9. For daily operation, the dispenser with a large amount of glue has different specifications, so the feed pump can be used instead of the rubber storage barrel.
10. If there is no small bubble in the product filling process, vacuum filling system shall be used
Automatic gluing desktop dispenser
At present, the trend of dispensing machine is mainly the development of intelligent, fast, automatic and high precision labels. Therefore, we believe that in the near future, more industries can choose the dispensing machine specifications according to their own manufacturing and production needs

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