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The effect of selecting a specific dispenser by using UV glu

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The dispensing operation of universal dispensing machines is generally applicable to the dispensing operations such as UV glue, red glue, silica gel, AB glue, conductive glue, instant glue, etc., among which the use of UV glue is the most common. UV glue is different from other traditional glue due to its unique characteristics, combined with the efficient operation of automatic dispensing machine, which will further improve the production effect of the production line and ensure the production Production process to ensure product quality, to the corresponding extent, also reduce the labor cost of employees, here is a brief talk about the advantages of choosing UV glue dispenser.
Black filled with UV glue
1. UV glue can be dried and fixed only when it is exposed to UV light. Under the condition of not being exposed to UV light, it will be more reliable than the traditional glue, and the process standard for the product will be stronger when the dispensing machine is combined to complete the UV glue operation.
2. Compared with other traditional glues, the drying and fixation efficiency of UV glue is easier to operate. The temperature of the external light can be changed according to the process standard of the product and the necessary time for controlling the drying and fixation of UV glue can be controlled. It is very convenient for high-speed assembly line production when the dispensing operation is completed in combination with the dispensing machine.
UV glue filling and dispensing machine
3. UV glue has good volatility. Compared with the traditional glue, the volatility of the glue during the drying and solidifying period is greatly reduced. Most of the glue bodies are changed into solids. When the assembly line production is completed by combining the dispenser, the UV glue amount can also be more controlled.
Spot coating Uvglue dispenser
4. The use of automation equipment further improves work efficiency and reduces labor cost. Generally speaking, the automatic assembly line selects the dispenser when it points the UV glue. The unique environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of glue are also conducive to its widespread use in other aspects of bonding. UV glue has the characteristics of better insulation, solvent resistance and heat resistance. It can be used in all kinds of environment, and has stronger controllability.

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