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The function of the hot melting point glue machine to spot t

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It is not only widely used in packaging industry, but also in some public machines. Like some cable and optical cable dispensing, because it has been exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, it is required to have a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, so as to grasp the role of the cable and the cable and the production life.
Double station hot melt dispensing machine
Nowadays, the total number of light metal power cables manufactured and selected in China is the largest in the city. The conductive medium of regional power cable is copper conductor. Polyolefin material is extruded on the surface of copper conductor to act as insulation layer, and the whole cable is wrapped with polyolefin material. Polyolefin material is a kind of high molecular material. The gap between polyolefin molecules is large, and the pore diameter of molecular groups is small, so polyolefin material cannot shield the penetration of molecular groups. The waterproof and moisture-proof function of cable is very important. It is required to prevent the harmful interference of moisture or moisture after dispensing the cable and cable. The moisture in the cable will reduce the insulation resistance of cable core and other electrical parameters It will also change and cause corrosion of copper wire. Metal strip (aluminum strip or steel strip, etc.) is suitable for the waterproof layer of cable sheath. Dry air or grease shall be placed in the light metal strip, and the core of the cable and cable shall be dry after dispensing.
Fiber spot coating
In the sheath link of cable manufacturing, the straight metal belt is stacked into a cylinder shape according to the longitudinal package mold, so it has a lap joint. In order to improve the flexibility and pressure resistance of the cable, the light metal strip after rolling the metal strip cannot be effectively connected. During the connection, the same gap will appear according to the dispensing of the cable and optical cable, so as to reduce the interference of the water resistance and moisture resistance of the light metal strip. Moreover, after the touch volume of the metal belt becomes smaller, the peeling force of the metal belt lap joint becomes smaller, resulting in the failure of the cable. In order to deal with the above problems and ensure the normal service life of the cable, we always choose the machine dispenser to carry out the cable and cable dispensing and splicing joint, which requires the selection of the hot melting point glue machine.

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