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Development status of dispensing technology for smart phones

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The shortcomings of dispensing are also very prominent. After all, after dispensing, the chip and motherboard will solidify, so there is no way to do maintenance. As a result, the service replacement rate increases in a straight line. In this way, in terms of OEM, Android mobile phone dispensing can really charge more money to the mobile phone manufacturer. And the extra money is not only the cost of glue, but also the cost of labor, maintenance, main board replacement, glue selection and preservation. There is no Android phone like the Internet is said to cost only 80 cents.
Coating and dispensing of mobile phone bottom shell
Due to the rapid progress of the times, dispensing is a kind of creative process everywhere, from manual dispensing to the current automatic dispensing, with a leap in quality. It is a kind of creative process everywhere. Dispensing machine is suitable for hardware, automobile, electronic manufacturing and so on.
On the Android mobile phone level, the dispenser is used for bonding and sealing. At present, the shells of Android mobile phones are basically made of alloy and plastic materials. When creating and assembling mobile phones, ultra-thin, ultra light and appearance are the trend of the times. It can't be achieved by manpower, but it can be achieved by automatic dispenser. Therefore, dispensing machine in the mobile phone industry will also become more and more popular.
Dispensing of mobile phone package
The places where Android phone dispensing is usually needed inside are:
1. The main board of the mobile phone is stable,
2. Adhesion of plastic shell,
3. The bonding between the mobile screen and the frame,
4. Camera window marking,
5. The side keys are firmly bonded,
6. Stable charging and headphone connector,
Automatic filling silicone dispenser
To sum up, it can be said that the automatic dispenser is flexibly used in the mobile phone industry. To apply the dispenser of Android mobile phone dispensing, there is a high standard in the specification,

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