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Why fiber glue dispenser does not leak glue

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High speed dispensing machine is a special dispensing equipment R & D, for optical fiber circuit dispensing package work, the use of stainless steel material to build housing, with the production of high quality and high yield and other characteristics, is often used to line the parts in a communication auxiliary equipment, optical fiber high speed dispensing machine not special accessories manufacturing the occurrence of leakage glue.
Desktop optical fiber high speed dispenser
A plastic needle is responsible for the high speed dispensing glue glue direction, if the upper part of the plastic needle damage may be caused by leakage of sealing glue flow to glue, high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with a dispensing needle is a Teflon needle, using Teflon needle Seiko manufacturing can ensure the high precision and the use of glue the quality of applications in production line will not result in high production and affect the service life, so there is no problem of leakage glue. Of course, we should also consider the selection of needle diameter, if not selected, will cause high-speed glue machine glue leakage affect the production of optical fiber.
Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser
The sealing ring in the internal high speed dispensing machine to protect the sealing effect, have certain tensile and tear resistance, can play the effect of leakproof gum glue. In the cleaning of high speed dispensing machine should pay attention to the cleaning agent can not use high corrosion resistance, high corrosion resistance easy to glue dispensing to reduce the service life of the sealing ring, should use clean dust-free cloth with alcohol wipe clean, and dispensing seals also can not be polluted medium.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
When the user needs to replace the sealing ring to pay attention to the installation position of the clean, and to clean out the sealing ring with hair, be careful not to glue seal damage, right after installation of lubricant seal, can effectively play the function of leakproof gum.

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