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Application characteristics of visual dispensing machine

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At present, most of the things support automation, mainly to further solve the problem of human resource saving and efficiency improvement. Now even the automatic visual dispenser is the same. I think many friends are confused. Then the author and you will introduce the features of the visual dispenser, hoping to help you master it as soon as possible:
Floor mounted special visual dispenser
In the dispensing process, the visual dispensing machine can be manipulated arbitrarily in terms of gel output and dispensing time. The purpose is more comprehensive and diversified. Consumers need to do the dispensing operation with higher demand. The continuous dispensing method can be adjusted in the motor. The use of the visual system can improve the dispensing accuracy and dispensing quality of the products, and the driving means follow the precision stepping motor to make full automatic dispensing. The operation of the machine will be more reliable and efficient. At the same time, the features and uses of the visual dispensing machine meet the production requirements of the current processing line.
Floor type visual dispensing device
Automatic visual dispensing machine:
1. DIY mode can be combined as one of the features of visual dispensing machine;
2. Development of triaxial / multiaxial mechanism of high hardness aluminum alloy;
3. Fast operation, high speed accuracy and high efficiency;
4. Dispensing mode data can be uploaded and downloaded, which is conducive to data management and export;
5. Intelligent teaching mode / PC visual mode;
6. The DSP / PC control system can draw point, line arc, circle and arc line in plane 3D arc difference compensation;
7. High precision linear guide rail, free maintenance, low cost, durable.
Automatic control visual dispensing machine
Use industry
Because the features of visual dispenser are intelligent operation, it can be widely used in the electronic industry and LED industry. It can be used in the spot / coating production of a variety of casting intelligent work. It supports the intelligent products (notebook battery, PDA, glue, LCD sealant, wearable equipment) of mobile phone (mobile phone keyboard, lithium battery, mobile phone shell, speaker outer ring glue), relay coating, digital camera, shell coating Optical device production, mechanical seal dispensing and coating industry and so on.

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