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The difference between cold glue and hot glue needs strict a

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The wide use and basic performance of dispensing machine in many industries are inseparable. According to different types, cold glue or hot glue can be used. This time, the difference between cold glue and hot glue is explained, which is to make it easier for users to understand control and adjust.
Cold adhesive
The difference between cold glue and hot glue is that hot glue is reversible, just like water can be converted into ice, and ice returns to water again. After the hot glue dries and solidifies, put the lamp in the oven and bake it at 120 degrees. The glue is almost soft. The cold glue is irreversible, just like the uncooked egg can't change after it's cooked. The arrangement of different headlights is different. The output power of the selected bulb is also different. Some of them have high internal temperature and some have low temperature. In general, according to the temperature in the lamp, it is suggested that the type of glue in the repair shop should be selected by the automobile manufacturer.
Hot melt adhesive block
The difference between cold glue and hot glue is that the latter one has very good reliability and good sealing performance. The cooling and dry fixation time is about 3 minutes, and the cold glue takes more than 24 hours. And cold glue also need to do a good job of plasma preparation, multi-channel process, sealing performance is very difficult to guarantee. At this stage, we choose a lot of cold glue, 98% of Japanese style choose hot glue. The toughness of hot glue is good, but the specified manufacturing cost is also high. The difference between cold glue and hot glue is that hot glue material is more expensive than cold glue, and it is required to order the oven, the specified power consumption of the oven, the specified time of the baking board, the specified labor force of the baking board, the aluminum box used for baking board... And cold glue can save the above manufacturing cost.
Cold glue is thicker than hot glue after dry consolidation, and its surface layer is brighter, but its mechanical strength is worse than hot glue, so hot glue is stable in terms of product quality.
Desktop type 331 automatic dispensing machine
Cold glue is not energy-saving and environmental protection. At present, the regulations on energy-saving and environmental protection are still relatively high, and hot glue has strong weather resistance.
Cold glue can be sealed at room temperature without heating, but hot glue is better than cold glue in characteristics and dry fixed appearance. It can be selected independently according to product regulations, which is the difference between cold glue and hot glue.

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