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To control the heating temperature of hot melt adhesive as a

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The hot-melt adhesive has 100% solid composition, with spacing, which prevents boundary curling, bubbles and cracks. The following is how much the hot-melt adhesive heating temperature meets the normal operation.
Hot melt adhesive block
The dispensing step of the hot melt glue machine is to melt the solid hot melt glue into the fluid shape by means of high temperature, and transfer the fluid hot melt glue to the hot melt glue gun by using the hot melt glue pipe to spray on the filled material. In the melt hot melt adhesive, the temperature should be modified on the display in advance. Therefore, how to adjust the heating temperature of the hot melt adhesive properly?
Double head automatic hot melt glue machine
In fact, the modification of the heating temperature of the hot melt adhesive is related to the melting temperature of the hot melt adhesive. When consuming the hot melt adhesive, it should be understood from the manufacturer. The temperature of the hot melt glue machine can be modified higher than that of the melting machine. It needs 5-10 degrees higher than that of the melting machine. It's OK to ensure that the hot melt glue melts completely. Try to avoid too much higher than that, and recognize the Enlightenment of "the dependence of good and bad".
When the specific heating temperature of hot-melt adhesive exceeds the modification, there will be instructions on the hot-melt adhesive dispensing machine, completely without concern about the problem of "how to deal with the temperature can not be reached?" the hot-melt adhesive machine adopts the screen type, which is convenient for modification and simple, and only the temperature data should be filled in the user interface.
Double position double head hot melt glue machine
After the heating temperature of the hot-melt adhesive is modified to the appropriate area, the bonding is fast, and the space between dispensing and bonding is only a few seconds. The saw head and cutting edge can be carried out within 24 seconds, without drying time, and can carry out multiple times of bonding, that is, the hot-melt adhesive coated on the wood can be heated again to carry out multiple times of bonding due to the refrigeration and solidification. It is an effective, continuous and automatic wood bonding production line, further improving productivity and reducing user costs.

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