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Problems in visual dispensing machine

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How to deal with the visual dispensing problem when the automatic visual dispensing machine is used? There are two parts of the equipment, software and hardware. The structure and function of these two parts are very complex. Many problems will occur if we don't pay attention to the links in use. As a consumer of the equipment, we should grasp the handling methods in case of many simple problems, so that we can do a good job in the links in use immediately and prevent many small problems Problems interfere with the use of equipment. Many problems of these machines and equipment are easy to deal with due to the poor use of materials.
Floor mounted large-scale visual dispensing machine
The first visual dispensing problem that may occur in the visual dispensing machine: in the process of glue application, it is found that the internal pressure is insufficient, which may be too high, resulting in many bubbles. The most common reason for such a phenomenon is that after the last use, there are many residual glue not cleaned up, and the next use may cause such a problem Phenomenon, so it is necessary to throw away all the glue poured into the inner part of the rubber barrel and clean up all the surplus glue yesterday. It is necessary to make sure that there is no solidified residual glue in the inner part, so that the glue can be applied again, and it is not easy to have the problem of visual glue dispensing with air bubbles.
Cabinet type visual dispensing equipment
There is another reason that we must pay attention to. It is caused by the mismatching of the needle tube used in the case of gluing. The needle tube will have different specifications. Before use, the needle tube matched with the needle tube will be used so that the glue can be printed out smoothly. The third visual dispensing problem in the use link is that the gluing speed is relatively slow, which may be caused by the sudden high air pressure It is caused by sudden low pressure, so it is necessary to trim the air pressure of the air pressure equipment. When controlling the key effect, it is necessary to reduce the colloid pressure inside the equipment, so that the colloid can be continuously ejected under the balanced air pressure.
Multi specification plastic steel needle
The problems that may occur in the use of the visual dispenser are briefly explained here. The equipment must be checked in advance. After use, the equipment must be shut down according to the specified steps, and the glue produced shall be cleaned up. In this way, the normal use of the next day can be avoided.

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