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Understand the important influence of automatic dispensing e

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The operation efficiency and dispensing accuracy of a dispensing machine depend on many factors. In every step and link of the production process, the overall measurement and strict control of the supply and demand and the testing of dispensing equipment are carried out. Moreover, the inspection and guard after the completion of manufacturing is the most easily despised factor for manufacturers and users, but the accuracy has a long-term impact on the packaging function and accuracy
R-axis automatic filling and dispensing machine
After finishing the production process of dispensing machine and filling machine, the supply and demand will immediately test the dispensing equipment. Before the inspection, the supply and demand will test the glue, workpiece and other related auxiliary materials. After the products in the test area are processed, the test area will be started. The test area time set for the packaging is generally eight hours. In the eight hours of this test area, it is necessary to It is necessary to pay attention to the key dispensing process. When the dispensing process occurs, the dispensing equipment should be shut down immediately to prevent the impact of turning into the setting
R-axis control dispenser
In the process of using the automatic dispenser and filling machine, the manufacturer also implements the installation, repair and test area for the setting under the guidance of professional personnel in advance. After setting the encapsulation task, the manufacturer can test all kinds of dispensing equipment, turn off the power supply immediately, and suspend the use of the equipment. When the setting is no longer in use, the testing of dispensing equipment is also very important. The equipment shall be tested on time Carry out scrubbing and real-time cleaning of the pipeline. Check whether the air pressure intake is suitable when the water vapor is detected
Floor type filling machine
Whether the automatic dispensing machine and filling machine can operate properly or not involves precise dispensing. There are many problems in the overall weighing practice of supply and demand. The overall control also requires more precautions in the future practice process of supply and demand, and attaches importance to the task of dispensing equipment test

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