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Mastering the principle knowledge of pressure barrel applied

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The principle of pressure barrel is to master to meet the requirements of production management. Although the pressure barrel of masterglue is relatively simple, it is unnecessary to master. Unreasonable use can easily lead to safety risk problems. Many people's production and management of the pressure barrel of masterglue are installed with the production requirements of global commodity economy. The thickness of the pressure barrel is more than 4cm, which can withstand super pressure. There are many kinds of pressure barrels Energy glue can be stored and transported by using the pressure barrel of energy glue.
Various filling rubber pressure barrels
Pressure barrel principle
The two-component glue filling machine applies glue to the plasma generator, which can be applied to two pressure buckets of the universal glue. The glue application principle of the pressure bucket is to install the glue valve accessories, then place the universal glue in the pressure bucket of the universal glue, then fasten it, place the air pressure leakage, next put the high-pressure hose through the middle of the rubber cover, directly put it under, open the air pressure valve of the pressure bucket of the universal glue, and hold the air The pressure is full of the pressure barrel, so the glue can be extruded from the pressure barrel, which is the principle.
Glue storage pressure barrel
Type of pressure barrel
The principle of high-speed dispensing machine and two-component filling machine using pressure barrel is the same. The pressure barrel made by many people here is the same. Even though there are many kinds of glue discharging methods for the pressure barrel of all-purpose glue, the principle is the same. Just replace the glue outlet, because the glue viscosity is high, medium and low, and the glue outlet of the pressure barrel is also many, so the glue outlet of the pressure barrel will be different. The principle is Consistent, in any manufacturing industry are consistent, otherwise do not use the pressure bucket of masterglue, will not choose this principle.
Carbon steel type rubber storage pressure barrel
The principle of the pressure barrel is relatively simple. If you have a training, you can master the way of application, especially the customized pressure barrel. The application scope of the common varieties is the same. If you only have some unique ones, you need to pay attention to them. It will be a little more complicated. For example, the general mixing pressure barrel of the two-component glue filling machine and the piston pressure barrel of the high-speed dispenser will have some differences.

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