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Gluing process of round products

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The gluing equipment can complete all kinds of dispensing processes, specifically for the reason of three-axis mechanical arm. With the help of three-dimensional space form, the round gluing process can be completed. Only by mastering the gluing equipment of X, y and Z axes, the round gluing process can be almost completed. With the help of the back and forth movement of X and Y axes, the round gluing process can be completed. At this stage, if it is a three-axis gluing machine, it can be completed.
Glue injection for circular light point
Composition of application equipment
The high-speed dispenser can be attributed to the axis glue applicator, XX, ZZ, YY axis, that is, double x-axis, double Y-axis and double z-axis, which can do a lot of product gluing together, and combine single liquid glue valve. At the same time, the glue spraying effect is excellent, and the round glue coating process can also be met. However, the high-speed glue applicator still uses the straight line gluing and spot to spot gluing, and the two axis glue dispensing form is not very convenient, so it is used It is still necessary to select the coating equipment according to the specific conditions.
Desktop R-axis automatic dispensing equipment
A machine that can complete the round coating process
If the round gluing process can be completed by three-axis gluing equipment, almost all of the gluing equipment at this stage will be attributed. Let me tell you in detail how many kinds of gluing equipment are available, such as standard three-axis gluing machine, non-standard three-axis gluing machine, vertical gluing machine, spray type gluing machine and visual gluing machine. These gluing equipment which can also use the round gluing process have many kinds and can reach many fields Coating regulations, such as carton coating, mobile phone shell coating, freezer dispensing, relay dispensing, electronic dispensing, etc. In particular, it is applied to the horn packaging and buzzer dispensing of circular glue coating process.
Single component gluing control valve
Single liquid dispensing valve
Single liquid dispensing valve is used in combination with glue applicator. In fact, it can complete the round glue application process depending on the type of machine. The glue spraying effect is determined by the single liquid dispensing valve. Which dispensing regulation needs to be completed must be matched with which dispensing accessories and machine. The high-speed dispensing machine can complete the rapid dispensing, but it needs a number of products that are not complicated With the most significant lifting, the circular coating process is the same, using three-axis coating equipment, can complete the rapid speed.

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