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Chinese system provides some suggestions for horn maintenanc

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The horn can be repaired by automatic dispensing machine. However, a series of instructions are needed before repairing the horn.
Horn sound film dispensing
Some of the users of electrical appliances are puzzled by the choice of which kind of adhesive for loudspeaker maintenance. I think it is not so secret and tedious as you might imagine. Normally, the adhesive used in the hardware market will be sold. The premise is that you usually say that the most versatile adhesive shop will be sold. , the spring piece uses yellow glue. At this time, the full-automatic dispenser should choose different types of glue valves or needles.
Bench type AB glue automatic dispensing machine
If do not have afore-mentioned adhesive how to complete? Very easy. Let me tell you one by one.
Suggestions for horn maintenance: glue the voice coil with water, mix 1:1, need to be faster. After mixing, use electric wind to heat it up, wait for a few minutes for the adhesive, and then use electric wind to heat the center of the paper basin before glue application, so that the glue application effect of the full-automatic dispenser will be better.
Do not use the above-mentioned adhesive for one time. I first add a little on the stick, then press up and down to lift the paper basin for a while, so that the adhesive is easier to melt into the paper basin and the voice ring. When I do the adhesive for the first time, I will finish the speaker repair safely, and I don't need to worry about the glue flowing into the magnetic groove.
It is necessary to use the mixed AB glue faster, in which the efficiency of AB glue drying is faster than other and it is not easy to bubble, and the mixing ratio is 2:1.
Two component and two liquid AB glue
No matter which kind of adhesive is selected, do not apply more glue to the voice coil, and the adhesive will interfere with the damping ratio. For example, when a whole rubber voice coil is pushed outwards, because the inertia force voice coil returns slowly, it will interfere with the sound quality.
To replace the universal glue or water glue used for the spring plate, it is required to meet the requirements of the full-automatic dispenser, and the power of the 15 inch above water glue··
If there is a bubble in the speaker maintenance, you should pay attention to it and try to use no adhesive.

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